It’s all about music…

…but this one is one of my favorite youth songs:

Just listen to it.
It has such great sounds!

Rank 1 is one of my favorite trance artists.
They are from the imho best trance producing country of the world, the Netherlands.
Trance is also one of my favorite genres (but I love all genres 😉 ).

There are many trance lovers all over the world.
And so, there are a lot of trance-festivals, here some of them:

– Sensation (the Netherlands)
There is a version in Black clothing and White clothing. Aka, Sensation White and Black.
– Tommorowland (Belgium)
– We are one (Germany)
– Summer Sound (Finland)
– Decibel (USA)
– Sunburn (India)

So it doesn’t care if you’re from Finland, Spain or Japan.
There is always a trance festival in your hood!

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