Dance mixes

Hi all readers.

Here an article about the dance mixes as seen on YouTube.
As you might know there are a lot of mixes out there on YouTube.
Not all of them are superb, but here a little list with 5 of my favorite YouTube “djs”.

  • DJEkkiMusic
  • DJ ION
  • Only Music Hits TV
  • DjRegard Official
  • Waltrus

If you take one of the names on the list and search for them on YouTube, you’ll definetly get some great music.
And last but not least: the mixes are very long.

So if you are looking for a great mix to lose your mind for several hours, go search on YouTube.

Greetings to all of you,


It’s all about music…

…but this one is one of my favorite youth songs:

Just listen to it.
It has such great sounds!

Rank 1 is one of my favorite trance artists.
They are from the imho best trance producing country of the world, the Netherlands.
Trance is also one of my favorite genres (but I love all genres 😉 ).

There are many trance lovers all over the world.
And so, there are a lot of trance-festivals, here some of them:

– Sensation (the Netherlands)
There is a version in Black clothing and White clothing. Aka, Sensation White and Black.
– Tommorowland (Belgium)
– We are one (Germany)
– Summer Sound (Finland)
– Decibel (USA)
– Sunburn (India)

So it doesn’t care if you’re from Finland, Spain or Japan.
There is always a trance festival in your hood!

My first ‘real’ music post…

Hiya fellow readers,
Here it is, finally.
My first post that has a musical touch.

This time I am going to write about that genre of music, where I really can get relaxed from.
The genre of the post is…*drums*…, Metal.

One of my favourite metal bands is Halestorm.
Their best song, imho, is Love Bites (so do I).
You can listen to this song on YouTube:

This band, Halestorm, makes beautiful metal-music with great catchy songtexts.
Like the above song, called Love Bites (so do I), is about the love, that bites.
But not only the love bites, they bite too, as stated in the title, haha.
So be careful listening to this song.

Well, that’s it for now.
Join me later for an other post about beautiful music.
Where the next post will be about, is still a secret.

See ya later, and keep headbanging!!

Hiya and welcome

Hello all music lovers,

Welcome to my music lover blog.
This blog is going to be a one of a kind blog, all about music.
I will post my findings about cool, new and old music.

So after you’ve read this, there are going to come more and more posts about the music that I love.

Have fun, reading and listening!!